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Drabble: WWE Wrestling: "Unconventional Beauty"
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Story Title: Unconventional Beauty
Author: le_reves
Fandom(s): Wrestling
Summary: Otunga pines over Barrett, while Barrett pines over John Cena. Inspired by 2010 Hell in a Cell
Character(s)//Pairing(s): David Otunga, unrequited!David Otunga/Wade Barrett, unrequited!Wade Barrett/John Cena, implied!David Otunga/Jennifer Hudson
Warnings: Slash Feelings.
Rating: G
Word Count: 168
Written: Monday, October 4, 2010


We ran out as planned, the Nexus, not allowed to interfere lest we cause our leader to lose the match. I stood there, even as I played my part, watching Wade. The way he moved, straight forward, and yet still with an air of gracefulness. His muscles, not overdone the way most of the superstars' were, like mine were, but just right.

He was beautiful, maybe not in the conventional way, what with his crooked nose, but still beautiful. I knew it was wrong, I was a married man, but I couldn't help lusting over him. But I knew he would never look at me the way I looked at him, especially now that Cena was scheduled to join us.

Wade had been obsessed with him since before we'd even started NXT, all he ever talked about was how much he wanted to meet John Cena. He talked about him like he was God, meanwhile I was there, pining after Wade, acting like a puppy who'd been kicked.

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This is a short but well written piece,in which I feel you clearly convey the emotions of the characters to the reader. I really enjoyed it!

Thank you very much! :) I had actually planned to go back an add more to it, but by the time I went back, the plot bunny was gone. But I'm really glad you liked it :D

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