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Drabble: Twilight: "A Heart Breaks"
fangirl hell
.:I hereby state that I am making no profit through the distribution of this creative piece. Anything recognizable belongs solely to its copyright owners. No copyright infringement is intended:.


Story Title: A Heart Breaks
Author: le_reves
Fandom(s): Twilight
Summary: First part of the "Broken Hearts" Drabble Series. I couldn't stay there anymore, I couldn't listen to him make excuses, I couldn't keep listening to my heart break. Written for Prompt #4: “Commitment” at
[info]twislash_100  on LiveJournal
Character(s)//Pairing(s): Jacob Black, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black/Edward Cullen, Edward Cullen/Bella Swan
Warnings: Slash Pairing. Infidelity.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 327
Written: Monday, September 27, 2010


I stood there, body shaking with rage. That bastard! I stared at the invitation, taking in every word. Bastard! I tore the damned thing in half.

It had been almost two years since I met Edward, back when I was 'in love' with Bella. It was about six months after that when we'd realized our feelings, we'd shared a night of passion under the stars and spoke soft words of love.

A few weeks later, Edward told me he would leave Bella, but that he'd have to take it slow, so that she wouldn't slip back to where she'd been when he left. I understood, I still loved her, just not in the way I'd once believed, and I didn't want to see her broken again. But then days turned to weeks, which turned into months, which eventually led to a year and a half.

Before I realized I'd even moved, I was racing through the forest, continuing toward the house that stood nestled in the woods. My mind continuously calling out his name, leaving me unsurprised as he met me, just outside the big yard.

“So, I take you got the mail?” he started, staring nervously at my still shaking body.

“Oh yeah. Imagine my surprise when I get an invitation to my boyfriend's wedding, to the girl he was supposed to break up with over a year ago,” I hissed.

“Jacob, you don't understand..”

“Don't you dare tell me I don't understand! I understand perfectly Edward,” I felt the hot tears begin to run down my cheeks.“You could've told Bella long before now, but you haven't. You're so afraid of committing yourself to me, that you're willing to marry someone you don't even love anymore,” he shook his head, his mouth opening and closing as he tried to come up with the words. But I couldn't stay there anymore, I couldn't listen to him make excuses, I couldn't keep listening to my heart break.


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