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Drabble: Twilight: "Three Hearts Shattered"
fangirl hell
.:I hereby state that I am making no profit through the distribution of this creative piece. Anything recognizable belongs solely to its copyright owners. No copyright infringement is intended:.


Story Title: Three Hearts Shattered
Author: le_reves
Fandom(s): Twilight
Summary: Third part of the “Broken Hearts” Drabble Series. “Tell him that I'll be waiting for him when he comes home.” Written for Prompt #8: “Broken” at twislash_100  on LiveJournal
Character(s)//Pairing(s): Billy Black, Seth Clearwater, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black/Edward Cullen
Warnings: Slash Pairing.
Rating: G
Word Count: 184
Written: Thursday, November 18, 2010


I stood there, staring at the front door. The pack was behind me, their minds screaming at me to leave, threatening to attack. I raised my hand and sharply knocked on the door, causing several paint chips to fall off the already peeling slab of wood.

Billy opened the door, I looked past him, trying to catch sight of Jacob.

“He's not here,” Billy said gruffly. “He took off in his wolf form, no telling where he is now.”

I began searching the wolves minds, but all of them blocked me, even Seth, 'I'm sorry Edward, he needs to be alone for a while.' I growled, my lips curling over my teeth, but I knew he was right. That didn't stop me from wanting my wolf back though.

“Just tell him I love him, and that I broke things off with Bella. Tell him that I'll be waiting for him when he comes home,” with that, I took off, running back to the house. I knew I could've easily tracked him, but that's not what he wanted, and maybe it was for the best.


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